Monday, December 30, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Wings

BAKED not fried! :) Also if you buy the frozen chicken wings you can keep all ingredients on hand all the time! So great for when you have impromptu guests or get invited to a tailgate at the last minute. Here is my recipe for PERFECT chicken wings.

1/4 cup clarified butter (1 tbsp per pound of chicken wings)
1 cup of Franks Hot Sauce (1/4 cup per pound of chicken wings)
4 pounds of chicken drummets/party wings (24-28 wings)
Carrot and Celery Sticks

pre-heat oven to 450. On a baking rack in a jelly roll pan, place the wings skin side down. Bake for 20 minutes. While they are baking melt the butter. In a large bowl place 1/3 of your clarified butter (a little over a tbsp). When the wings have been baking for 20-25 minutes remove the rack from the oven and place the wings in the bowl with the butter. Toss until all wings are coated evenly in the butter.

Place the wings back on the tray this time skin side up. Bake for another 20 minutes or until the wings are golden brown. Meanwhile melt the rest of the clarified butter in the microwave if it is not already melted. In a small bowl whisk all of the remainder of the butter with all of your franks hot sauce. When the wings are browned take them out and place them into a large bowl (if you are using the same bowl as before make sure that you rinse the bowl out as the chicken that was previously in it was not cooked all the way through). Pour 1/2 of the sauce over the wings and until all of well coated in the sauce.

Place the wings back on the tray skin side up and bake for another 25 minutes. Take the wings out of the oven and toss with the remainder of the sauce. Plate and let cool for 5-10 minutes.

Serve the wings with carrot sticks and celery. Voila!

I have made these multiple times and my boyfriend loves this recipe. He makes them this way for football games on sundays!


  1. These were SO amazing! I can't wait to make them for our next watch party. That's happening!

  2. Yup. That's some good eating.

    Thanks for the recipe!!! The wings turned out great.

  3. I made these tonight and they were AMAZING. Even my kids loved them and begged for them to go into the regular rotation. I'm currently doing my third whole 30 and my husband is on his first- and he needs a big variety to keep going with it. This was the perfect thing to add into our rotation. It feels like a splurge!

  4. your font is such a turn off.. gave up trying to read it

    1. But made it to the comments section, eh?

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    3. These look awesome. Do you thaw the wings first?

  5. OH MY GOSH, thanks for this recipe! Made these tonight, both hubby and I loved them! Definitely going in our Whole30 rotation!

  6. We have made this recipe easily half a dozen times and it works perfectly. My husband and kids both love wing night! I have done 4 Whole30s and each time, this is a staple. THANK YOU